With our top class amenities we strive to make the pet healthcare experience an effortless and harmonious one.

Our hospital has been planned in our furry friend’s best interests. We have designed well ventilated rooms painted in vibrant colour palettes. The examination tables and work-stations are custom designed to provide great efficiency and comfort. Maintaining a high level of hygiene is one of our top priorities.

At Alphapet, we have created a stress free environment to make our adorable pets and their parents feel completely at ease.

Some of the facilities provided are:

IDEXX blood work laboratory in-house: Leading diagnostic equipment for veterinary care by the internationally acclaimed company.

X-Ray: Best facilities manufactured by the international leader, Siemens.

Laser-assisted surgery: A safer and better alternative to minimize bleeding and possibilities of infection.

Gas anesthesia: A more secure and effective form of anesthesia.

All Electronic Record Keeping: Doing away with those bulky folders we have switched to the reliable and diligent electronic sources to maintain all treatment records of your pet. Our regular emails and notifications ensure that you don’t miss a single appointment for your pet’s healthcare.

Operation Theater: Custom designed Operation Theater and workspace for greater comfort to your pet and to aid us in working efficiently.

Comprehensive Healthcare Packages

At Alphapet, we believe every pet deserves the best medical care possible in order to live a long and happy life. Many a times, due to lack of physical symptoms, our pet’s minor ailments go undiagnosed. What we do not realize is that these can turn into serious medical conditions. For identifying such problems early and to avoid unnecessary suffering for your pet, regular check-ups are the key! It is keeping this in mind that we have introduced our Annual Wellness Plans, which are tailored according to your pet’s specific healthcare needs during their stage in life.

Thoughtful annual packages to ensure your pet’s complete health

Dog Packages

Cat Packages

Grooming Packages