With an aim to modernize the pet healthcare industry in the country, Alphapet is the solution for all of your pet care needs. We deliver superior healthcare services, supported by excellent facilities and state-of-the art equipment, aided by a wonderful team of experienced veterinarians and compassionate staff.

Vision Statement

Enriching the lives of our customers by ensuring a healthy and happy companion.

Mission Statement

To be the most trusted and respected name in animal wellness and healthcare in India by providing our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive wellness and healthcare services, delivered in a pleasant environment in a respectful and considerate manner.


Respect: Always treat our patients with the same love and care that we would someone in our own family

Honesty: Provide the most accurate prognosis after thorough diagnosis and communicate these findings to our clients in a clear and simple manner

Knowledge: Focus on continual education and training to ensure we provide the most cutting edge services

Society: Endeavor to give back to our community by providing healthcare services to those that cannot access them

Why Us

Compassion and love for animals is the basis of our organization. We understand that each pet is like a child and we believe that they ought to be treated like one. Our goal is to raise the standard of pet-care in the country by creating a high benchmark for other to follow. We do this by:

Competent and compassionate staff: From doctors to nurses, our entire staff is a team of highly meticulous and experienced professionals providing exceptional healthcare services with a natural passion and love for your pets.

Dream team of professionals: We are lucky to have exceptionally talented veterinarians with years of knowledge, skills and practice. At Alphapet, your pet gets the experience and knowledge of 5 veterinarians with a combined 30+ years of experience.

Providing our services in a pleasant environment: Visiting the vet should be a pleasant experience for both the pet as well as the parent/caretaker. For this reason, we have put in a lot of effort into creating a pleasing environment within our clinics. A vibrant ambiance, smart design solutions coupled with a high level of hygiene has helped us achieve this goal.

Using modern technology to assist in diagnosis: The use of technology in combination with doctor’s expertise and experience is how we make an accurate prognosis of your pet’s condition. Using the finest technologies available, we ensure the best course of treatment.